NY Giants wide reciever faces weapons charges.

Posted in FAIL., sports, wtf by nam on December 3, 2008




Plaxico Burress becomes another pro athlete of color in trouble with the law.

As some of you may know, im a huge sports fan (especially football), regardless of how exploitive the professional sports business is. As an athlete, Burress has the talent, skill, charisma, and the Superbowl Ring to prove it. As a person…i dont know what the fuck this guy is thinking. Dude was out at some night club in NY, strapped without a permit, and accidentally shot himself in his [already injured] thigh, that has kept him out of several games this year. Now it looks like he’s done for the season, not only cuz of the gunshot wound, but cuz of the Giants 4 game suspension placed upon him. Those 4 games are the rest of the regular season…but the Giants are atop the NFC Conference with an 11-1 record, on their way to another playoff run and a back to back Superbowl appearance, so Burress will miss the playoffs too.

The NFL this past couple of seasons has consistently had players getting into trouble with the law or have been victims of violence. From the shooting death of Redskins’ safety Sean Taylor and Broncos’ CB (cornerback) Darrent Williams, to the constant violent altercations at nightclubs of Adam “Pacman” Jones (dude seriously needs AA). From the Cowboys’ defensive tackle Tank Johnson’s illegal possession of a gun charges, and while on probation was charged with aggravated assault, to Matt Jones’ possession of cocaine, yes, cocaine. Now, the star wide receiver that scored the winning touch down for the Giants in last year’s Superbowl, faces 3-15 years if convicted. Jeezus, let’s get it together people!

I would think that with these guys with multi-million dollar contracts, playing the game they “love”, constantly being in the public eye, that they would stay out of trouble as much as possible….shit, i sure as hell would. If you’re that high of a profile and you own a gun, get a damn permit. I know you gotta protect yourself, but protect protecting yourself too! Many of these players came from the bottom, using their talents and skills in the game they’ve played since they were 7-8 years old, to get to the top. To make it. To play the game at it’s highest level. To win the Superbowl. To become a Hall-of-Famer. To make money and not have to struggle and go through the troubles they had to growing up. So why risk all of that? One slip up like Plaxico’s and all that shit you worked your whole life for is gone. Go do something else! Go out to dinner, stay home, see a movie, mini-golf, laser tag or somethin, whatever! Hittin these hole-in-the-wall clubs where half the folks in the place is already strapped and drunk, just puts yourself at more risk of being in a fucked up situation. I wonder if players in the league actually learn from these mistakes other players have made.

One thing i do know, im glad i Burress isn’t on my fantasy team. shiieeeet.


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