A night of LOL.

Posted in 206 shit, homies, lol, social life by nam on December 5, 2008

So last night my friend and i went to this…


I never been to the Comedy Underground so it was pretty cool being there amongst friends. My buddy Hari Kondabolu was headlining the show and its been a long time since Ive seen him, so i was pretty pumped to hear some new material.

Some highlights of the show were from the goofy Cuban brotha from Inglewood, Chris Garcia. His political humor (especially the Obama campaign worker story), L.A. childhood, and Burning Man bits are hella funny, hella. His crowd interaction and energetic set really pops off, along with his critique on masculinity in society, which i enjoyed the most. His mesmerizing performance to promote Crocs was incredible. I wanna buy some now (not really). Then there’s Ali Wong from San Francisco. She’s like a 5 ft. ball of fun strapped to a time bomb. Not only is she cute, but is fuckin hilarious with her raunchy sex stories (that ‘Seal’, and ‘3 hours of talking’ joke killed me!), Asian jokes (the old Chinese ladies do, do that here!) and comedic honesty that many of us wouldn’t dare talk about with anyone, let alone a crowded room full of strangers. I havent laughed that hard in a long ass time.

A lot of Hari’s set ive already seen a million times already, but his bachelor party cake story had me dying! I always love Hari’s clever ad-libs and honest, intellegent political material. You know, the shit that makes most the white folks feel a little uncomfortable, not knowing if they should laugh at the joke or not, while the people of color are laughing their ass off. This was his last show before heading back to New York, on the grind, so its good to see him back home in the northwest. Look out for Hari Kondabolu in the mainstream more often people!

…and fuck the Queen of England.

www.harithecomic.com | www.aliwong.com | www.chrisgarciacomedy.com


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