Inverse is in town at the Chop

Posted in 2009, 206 shit, culture, Hip Hop, homies, music, social life by nam on January 16, 2009

What’s crazy is that i remember these dudes as my friends on Myspace years ago. Now hundreds of shows later they are one of the hottest up and coming Hip Hop duos in the scene. Always good to see good talent on the come up! Inverse is rockin the Chop this Saturday along with local up and comers, Notion, Know Choice, Akrish, and Seattle veterans, Cancer Rising, w/ DJ Rise on the 1’s and 2’s. Hosted by the Mayor of Ballard himself, Grynch.

It should extend the positive vibes at Chop Suey after my dude Gabriel Teodros started it off last week, compared to the tragic events that happened a little over 2 weeks ago. This is something that the local scene needs more of, good, positive Hip Hop, especially with all the negative shit thats been happening here and across the world. I hope to see ya there! Come through, we’ll have a drink!


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