Two Thousand and Shine

Posted in 2009, 206 shit, API, culture, FTW, Hip Hop, homies, music, social life, Vietnam by nam on February 13, 2009

If someone had told me 2009 was gonna be hella filthy, i wouldnt have believed them.

I finally have a job, even though its part-time, its really dope. I work at Youth Care Orion Center, downtown, a homeless youth shelter/rec center. Even though i just work the front desk, i still get to meet different youth everyday and i work with some hella cool people. My boss is hilarious. Im starting to love my job, and thats a hard thing to say especially during these times.

Lets keep the good times rollin. I already have 3 shows booked this year in the next 3 months…compared to last year, when i had 3 shows…all year. The music is really starting to come together ever since my album release last June.  Peep the calendar on my Myspace.

Also, I’ve gotten back in the groove of writing again, and recorded a track recently with my guy Khingz at Agent CB’s studio. We’ll post it up soon. Been starting to gather material for my new album as well, and im real excited to be potentially working with some super filthy local artists. (so GMK and Budo, holla!)

So recently, i did an interview with Nguoi Viet-Tay Bac newspaper, a local Vietnamese-American news magazine that’s highly reputable here and in California…its huge. I didnt even know how big the article would be. Front page and all son! (i will post up the online link as soon as they update their website.)

This is definitely a good look. They will also have a TV segment on SBTV! Thanks to Julie and everyone at the paper! So if you happen to be in any Vietnamese spot in the town, cafe’s or restaurants or bakeries or salons, whatever, make sure you try and pick up a copy. It’s everywhere!

Time to get ready for a hella Hip Hop weekend. Tonight is the start to Zulu’s 5th Anniversary with the kick off party @ Hidmo (20th & Jackson, 9pm-2am). Also tonight, my Sport ‘n Life brethren, Spaceman headlines @ Chop Suey tonight, along with Scribes (Happy Birfday), Sol (who’s releasing an album), the machine gun heavy hitter JFK of Grayskul, the infamous b-boy crew – BYC, and DJ Bean One spinnin the cuts.


Tomorrow night will be the 206 Zulu Anniversary showcase @ The Vera Project. Im hella pumped for this shit! For more info, click here.

To finish off the weekend, Mighty 4 Seattle is in full affect on Sunday at the EMP Skychurch. 3 on 3, Bonnie & Clyde, and Footwork battle is up for grabs with cash prizes! Also performing will be local sensations Dyme Def, Orbitron and They Live. (Gatsby of Cancer Rising & DJ Bles One)

It’s poppin in the 206 this weekend for sure! See yall at these events!


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  1. washingtonbus said, on February 13, 2009 at 7:37 pm

    Woop woop! This weekend’s ill!

  2. kaluluwa said, on February 21, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    hey nam… where’s that new track!?

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