Rick Ross – Deeper Than Rap

Posted in 2009, culture, Hip Hop, music, reviews by nam on April 27, 2009

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted something huh? It is the year two thousand and grind/shine/fine, whatever…so i been on my grind, hoping to shine, and i’ll be fine. Its been a solid year so far…got a new job working for Youth Care at a homeless drop-in center, and im lovin it. Dope environment, nice co-workers, cool kids. Only wish i was gettin paid a little more, but hey…with times like this, you get the best you can right?

I’ve been buying a lot of albums lately…something that used to be a weekly hobby for me. It’s almost a lost art nowadays. With the age of MP3s, and downloading (legal and illegal)…i always loved coppin an album, rippin off the shrink wrap that took forever, and peepin the album artwork and booklet that took time and effort. I’m thinkin of doing a weekly (or at least everytime i get a cop a new one) review of albums that i pick up.

Currently listening to: Rick Ross – Deeper Than Rap


I swung by Everyday Music before class last week to check on album sales, and to peep any new music. At the same time, i was asking about the new Rick Ross album on my Twitter. Quickly got a couple replies on how its pretty dope and even one that said “album of the year so far..”. Big ups to my guys DJ Nphared, MTK, and Arjay.

I’m not a fan of Officer Ricky, but the dude has an ear for beats without question. The album starts off pretty proper with Mafia Music, and to my surprise…the Boss stepped his rap game a little bit. The beef between him and 50 still lingers in a few bars scattered around the album, and Ricky may be a little overboard with the cocaine raps, but this is bar far his best album. A good amount of club bangers and ridin music, and a bunch for the females makes it a pretty complete LP.

The production from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (for Maybach Music 2, Magnificent, Yacht Club, and Rich Off Cocaine) does the album…well, justice.

My personal favorites off the album:

Track 1: Mafia Music – just a perfect banger to bump in your tinted black Benz or multi-colored hooptie.

Track 2: Maybach Music 2 feat. T-Pain, Lil Wayne, & Kanye – Everyone comes hard on this one…pause.

Track 4: Yacht Club feat. Magazeen – hot beat and hook. Props to Ross for referencing the ugliness of Greedy Genius clothing.

Track 5: Usual Suspects – Ross definitely got flows in this one, and Nas kills it as usual.

Track 12: Face feat. Trina – That shit is just bangin.

Track 13: Valley of Death – the sample (?) for the hook is hot. Good concept too. DJ Toomp killed it on the beat.

All in all, i give this album a 4 out of 5. If it wasnt for the solid production…it would probably be a 3 out of 5.


Next album: Dyme Def – Panic EP-1


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