R.I.P. James “TalkSick” Sullivan

Posted in 2009, 206 shit, culture, Hip Hop, homies, news, reflections, wtf by nam on October 14, 2009

You are already missed.


It’s gonna be weird not seeing you at all the shows and events, talkin shit, crackin jokes…I will always remember your good humor, knowledge, your honesty and support of what i do,  and especially your passion and love for the culture that we embrace and live. You defended and kept the torch burning for Hip Hop, as a true head who represented it to the fullest. Blessings to Cassandra and the fam, and peace to 206 Zulu.

Hip Hop lost a true soul, way too soon.

R.I.P homie


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  1. Silver Shadow D said, on October 16, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    I’m just blown away.
    Did you guyz know his last blog entry on his page was an album called Pork?

    If this had happened to someone else, James and I would have connected the dotz and said…’man thass crazee huh?”
    Not laughing at the loss of life, NEVER THAT. But juss chuckle at how things happen like that sometimes.

    When I first met TalkSick, he showed me much love and respect.

    He’s one of a few NW emcees who humbled himself to let me know I was one of the first emcees they experienced and gave them inspiration…
    That touches my heart more than any record contract or money gained from muzik ever could.
    Thank You.

    It’s moments like those that keep me coming back OVER AND OVER.
    To Inspire.

    When damn near everybody in the town chose sides, played political games for gain……?

    He never switched up and stuck to his script, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE THOUGHT ABOUT HIM.
    He’s even more free now……

    Our own selfishness wants him back. I want him back too.
    However, I overstand The Grand Plan of The Most High Creator, and KNOW he has another assignment for James.

    He was an Angel in disquise. He knew all of us better than we VIEWED ourselves.

    Cassandra loved him more than all of Us who call him friend and brother.

    For the 5 or so years i’ve known him, I ONLY SAW HIM AND CASSANDRA APART……One Time.
    And that was about two months ago when we took a 206Zulu trip down to Portland.

    She loved him DEARLY. No question.
    She’s going to need ALL that we can give.
    I feel so bad for her right now..

    On the way back from Portland I was one of the only ones awake as we got close to Steilacom/Tacoma.

    I work in the medical field. I’m no licensed MD, but I triage symptoms based on my scheduling experience.

    He definitely had sleep apnea. He snored so loud I wondered how he could remain asleep!!!!! LOL

    All I kept thinkin was” Is that how I sound…my wife tells me all the time….”

    But I didn’t think for one second he had health issues (respiratory).

    When I heard he was in the hospital, I didn’t think twice if he would be out again.
    Then I got the email on his condition….
    Then last thursday at 206Zulu meeting it seemed like things weren’t better……

    DJ Dev broke the news to me, but for some psycic reason I KNEW what he was calling for and didn’t answer right away….
    Picked up the phone and answered
    ” I know…..I know why you’re callin Dev, don’t trip…I don’t want it to be true…..but I know. He’s gone huh?”

    Y’all know the rest.

    We lost a good one physically, but Spiritually, TalkSick will ALWAYS be with Us in Our Hip Hop Hearts& Minds.

    I’ll be reppin you LilBig Homie.
    I’mma miss your prescence. Indeed.

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