Words of One People Show

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Hollow Da Don vs. Okwerdz

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This past year at Battle of LA 3.

Epic shit…

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The Bay, a Poetry Summit, a Chinese DJ rapping and a pissed off Filipino MC.

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WhoOOooOOooo…what a weekend. I spent 5 days in The Bay for the APIA Poetry Summit. I gotta say, it was an amazing experience that words cant even describe. Dope-ill-filthy-McNasty-API Poets represented their melanin from all over the world. I felt like i met a new family.

Meeting Bao Phi for the first time was truely a blessing, and then to see him perform at the showcase, brought tears to my eyes, reassuring my identity as a young Vietnamese man in America, and my purpose in writing. Also, building with my guy Dandiggity, was worth the trip alone. Meeting so many beautiful young golden children with deep souls and endless talent and passion, gave me hope for the next generation. It was my first time ever in The Bay Area, seriously. It felt like a second home, i didnt wanna leave. Hey, i even got to DJ for a minute, hahaha. Drinking horchatas for the first time, kickin it on the Berkley Campus, walkin down Haight St., taking the dirty ass bus and loud ass bart everywhere…it couldnt get no better. Peace to Dan, Adriel, Kristen, Jason, Messej and everyone else that helped organize an incredible weekend! For a better recap of the Summit, peep the link. www.apiasummit.com. The next summit will be in the Twin Cities in 2011!

While at the Summit, i heard some talk of something about my guy DJ Phatrick (formerly of the Native Guns)…rapping. WHAT? Yes, there was word that Phatty was rapping Bambu’s verse during a performance he had with Kiwi. I needed proof…and well, shit…here it is.

LMAO! Apparently,  Bambu wasnt too impressed nor happy about it…

Meet me at the Chop…its goin down!

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If you miss this show…you fail.