“Guerilla with a ‘u’ and you already know…”

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You may have seen her on MTV’s Im From Rolling Stone. You may have seen her shittin on the mic from the Bay to LA. You may have read her blog at GuerillaBusFare.com. You may know her as the girl that got a way…sorry for ya. Krishtine de Leon aka Rocky Rivera released her self-titled debut album on February 2nd.

Real talk, its been a long time since I’ve listened to an entire album without skipping a track. Rocky Rivera is a prime example of quality and quantity. 13 tracks of clean, hard hitting Westcoast drizzled beats, with her smooth laid back gangsterrific flow. The album definitely gives you a proper introduction to the victories and struggles of the girl from the Philippines, growing up in the Yay Area (SF) with critical, honest and thought provoking lyricism that makes you makes that face like you smelled something hella bad and rewind the track more than once.

A mother, a wife, a daughter, a fighter, a revolutionary, a lover, a hustler, a G, you get it all right off the bat from the first to the last track. One thing to really peep is that not only is she spittin cold flows, but the beats are nuts. That shit that either makes you wanna bounce in the club, nod your head while you’re (insert non-sober activity here), or pull a drive by like its ’95 all over gain.

A heavy reggae influenced track like “Girl Like Me” ft. Dun Dun of Los Rakas, (you’s a foo for the autotune, girl. haha!) makes you question the type of females you and your boys at the club be lookin for. The more upbeat “Trick Habit”, just makes you question yourself period.

Then you’re hit with a track like “Heart”, a love herstory from all sides, politically and personally. One of my favorites off the album, the guerilla tactical heater “The Rundown”, makes you right-winged super Amerikan hoo-has wanna shit your pants to go along with your blind criticism, and you coffee shop revolutionaries rethink your practices and take note.

From Rocky’s debut album to Bambu’s “Paper Cuts” EP dropping Feb. 23rd, to the growing popularity of Korea-Town, L.A’s Dumbfoundead…2010 already looks like a promising year for independent Hip Hop, especially for API artists.

More info on Rocky Rivera and to pick up her debut album here:





Hollow Da Don vs. Okwerdz

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This past year at Battle of LA 3.

Macklemore – “The Town”

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Directed By:  Zia Mohajerjasbi – http://www.loveandshoestrings.com
Produced By: Kirby Grey, Zia Mohajerjasbi, Sam Toloui, Steve Failos, Futsum Tsegai


More Urban Legends…

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…and we’re back with more filthy choreographers. Urban Legends 2009-10.

Shawn Duong (hella smooth)



Tony Czar (this guy is just on some other shit!)


…yea, i have to put Tony and Lyle Beniga as my top 2 choreographers.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Otherside

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When i first heard of Macklemore, i was really new to the scene, and just finishing up my debut album. I finally copped “Language of My World” about a year after it released and it was one of the best ten bucks i ever spent.  Since 2007, we’ve been good homies and im blessed to know such a real, talented and amazing individual. Its been a minute since we’ve heard any new official music from Mack, so…Christmas came a little early this year…

via 2dopeboyz: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Otherside

Enjoy real music.