One People, One Vietnam

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I wonder if Vietnamese people really understand my music, or do they just support it because it doesn’t sound typical. If i shared my opinions and politics more openly, would ya’ll still support me? Would you condemn one of your own?

One people, one Vietnam. That’s what I stand for.


R.I.P Notorious B.I.G.

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May 21st, 1972 – March 9, 1997

Dude was only 24. I still remember when Ready to Die came out in 94…i was like 9, and hid it from my mom cuz she didnt want me listening to that “bad music”.

Hell yea, that album was bad as a muthafucka. The extra long intro of Christopher Wallace’s life was classic and was a perfect set up to the next track, “Things Done Changed”; referencing the good ol’ days and the fucked up shit in the 90’s. From the insane multi-character/schizo narration about robbin foos in “Gimme The Loot”, to his classic mainstream chart topper “Juicy”…this was one of the most raw, influential and complete albums in Hip Hop history.

If yall dont remember, Biggie was shot to death in his Suburban truck shortly leaving a Vibe Magazine after party in L.A. by an unknown man in a black Impala. His case is still unsolved.

Biggie plays a huge influence in my music, with his incredible wordplay and delivery, and amazing storytelling. Undoubtedly one of the best lyricists to ever bless the mic.

Rest in Peace B.I.G

“Brooklyn we did it!”

Nguoi-Viet 2 (Cali)

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H/T to Northwest Viet Magazine


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So last night i went to a friend’s house for dinner, with a few of our homies. A real mellow intimate vibe lingered the room. For the first time in days, i felt content. I was choppin it up with a good friend of mine that i admire greatly, not just for his music, but how he is and how he has grown and changed as a person. I was choppin it up with him about goals in life and music…and dude hipped me to this quote…

“We have decided that, of all the things we do in our lives, the moments we spend sharing the Word of God with others are invested with special blessings. But we should always remember that the joy we feel when we teach comes from the act of teaching itself, from being engaged in discussion and reflection on the Word of God. If we forget this, other thoughts will be allowed to diminish and even extinguish the light of joy in our hearts. If we give too much importance to how others respond to the Teachings of the Faith, if we are overly affected by other people’s criticisms, if we expect praise for what we do, then we lose the joy of teaching. That which should inspire us to teach is the love of God, not the desire to have success, to receive benefits, to gain recognition or to be praised by others. Detachment from all these things is a requirement of joyful teaching.”

of course, the “word of God” and “teachings of the faith” can be replaced with anything that is relevant to you, whether it be your passion or artform or whatever you do.

but case in point, real talk.

“All I got is beats on my iPod…” – Freeway

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It’s true.

Work on the new album as begun.